DIY:T-shirt Bag

DIY Time! The t-shirt bag! An inexpensive way to create your very own summer bag. Take an old t-shirt, recycle it, and turn into something fabulous!

1. One T-shirt

  2. A pair Scissors

3. Leather trim (optional)

4. Super glue (leather trim)

STEP 1: Fold the shirt in half.

STEP 2: Cut off sleeves and neck. 

*This is what your t-shirt looks like once your done cutting off the neck and sleeves*

STEP 3:  Turn the shirt inside out. Cut off the bottom hem binding (you will re-use the binding). Take the binding, wrap it around the bottom of the shirt and tie it really tight. Do this step at least twice so the bottom is secure. See the picture below.

STEP 4: Turn the shirt back to the right side. See picture below

Step 5: (optional )- Take some leather trim and wrap it around the bottom of the t-shirt straps (handles) of the bag  for extra detailing.


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