3 Things for Him

FASHION: The Pea Coat! Fall is just around the corner and some of you Menz might be thinking about a new coat. A killer pea coat is just the ticket, especially if it’s military-inspiried. The pea coat has been around for ages and the classic style looks great on any man. In fact I haven’t seen a man in a pea coat that I didn’t want to follow (to give him a compliment) I’m not to stalker.  The structure, the fit, the round metal buttons, and epaulets on the shoulders makes this coat tough enough to do battle in.

FOOD: Grilled PB & J. Ok, fell-loves I realize you are all grown, strong, strapping men. Well maybe some of you aren’t so strong and strapping but who’s taking note. Anywho, remember the comfort of a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Well here’s a way to step up your PB&J game. Take two slice of bread, add your favorite peanut and jelly and grill the heck out that sammie. Maybe, invite you lady over and show off you’re sandwich making skills. Honey is an awesome substitute, if you’re not into the jelly. Your results, a warm, gooey, crunchy sandwich. Doesn’t that sound divine!

TECH: ThermoDock. So you’re feeling a little under the weather or maybe you want to check the temperature of the weather outside. Well here’s a little nifty companion that plug-ins into your iPhone and provides you with that exact information. The ThermoDock connects to your iPhone and allows you take the temperature of yourself and your dog. Yep, that’s right this device is fit for your four-legged friend as well. The price is a bit steep at $95 a pop. It might be cheaper just to check your temp the old fashion way.