Kiki’s Kitchen: The 10min Taco Salad

This recipe is from my lovely Mama. She use to make this delicious and easy taco salad when we were kids. It was her go to dish on Friday nights when she wanted to prepare something quick and moderately healthy. Everyone in my family has fond memories of this yummy salad, even my Dad. That’s saying a lot since my father is quite the picky eater. Gotta love Pops!

What you will need

1.5lb of hamburger (or ground chicken, turkey, and tofu)

3 Tomatoes

1/2 head of Lettuce

Shredded Cheese

Chips (Doritos)

Thousand Island Dressing

STEP One: Fry hamburger in a skillet. After about 5 min of cooking begin adding the taco seasoning. No need to add oil as hamburger meat produces its own oil while cooking.

STEP Two: While your meat is cooking chop up some tomatoes and lettuce.

STEP Three: Place lettuce and hamburger in bowl.

STEP Four: Add Cheese

STEP Five: Top off  your salad with tomatoes and chips (I use Doritos because I like the cheese flavor).

*Add* your choice of dressing. The sweetness of the thousand island dressing really compliments the saltness of the hamburger.

Mix all together and Enjoy!

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