DIY Edible Christmas Gifts: Dulce de Leche – Day 6

Prep Time: 5min

Cook Time: 20min

Total Time: 25min


200g butter
200g brown sugar
3 tablespoon golden syrup
400ml heavy whipping cream
1 vanilla bean


  1. Place a medium sauce pan on the stovetop on medium heat.
  2. Combine butter, sugar, and golden syrup. Mix together until everything is incorporated.
  3. Add in seeds from 1 vanilla bean.
  4. Stir in heavy whipping cream. Mix Well.
  5. Bring mixture to a boil for about 4min. Be careful to keep a close eye on your mixture. Do not walk away from the stove while you’re dulce de leche is boiling. It will get lonely and angry and boil over and create a disaster.
  6. After 4min, check the consistency by placing a teaspoon of the mixture on to a plate. Set the plate in the refrigerator for 2 min. Once the mixture is tacky, you can remove your pan from the heat.