Bonjour Darlings!

My name is Kena and I love! Love! Love fashion! It has been my constant creative companion for many years. One of my first and fondest memories of fashion was when my Mother bought me an awesome pair of black studded boots. I was in the 6th grade and I was totally obsessed over these little black leather wonders. I had to have them! I obsessed over them for six months. Finally on Christmas morning my parents surprised me with the boots, thus igniting a long love affair with fashion. As I got older my obsession with fashion began to spill over into film and food. I spot traces of fashion in my favorite films where the actress might be wearing a gorgeous Dior coat. Or food, where the vibrant colors of a salad are reminiscent of a unique pattern in a vintage skirt. Fashion is truly weaved in many different aspects of our culture…..to which I am very grateful for.

It is my hope that you enjoy your time pursuing through my carefully curated fashion blog. It’s my baby and I blog because you read!

Don’t be a stranger! I LOVE hearing from my readers, friends, fashion enthusiast, Marc Jacobs. Ok, so maybe I’ve never ”actually” heard from MJ but I sure would like to. If you’re reading this Marc, please contact me if you’re ever in San Francisco. I would love to take you to dinner!

Okay, okay, let’s provide you with my contact deets!

Name: Kena Peay

Email: thefashioncamp@gmail.com

Twitter: @LeFashionCamp